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Internet Security & Internet Privacy whilst using Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets to connect to the online world are uppermost in all web surfers minds these days, if you’re not protecting these devices – then you’ll probably have problems with malfunctions caused by viruses, malware and other nasties at some point. 

This will also help you check and protect against the Cryptolocker Ransomware and ZeuS Threat levels that have been raised again. 

The reality is, If you aren’t taking care of it all, then the hackers certainly will. 

You’ll discover how to diagnose possible security issues on your devices, how to rectify the issues you find and then how to maintain them and keep them running smoothly in the future. Even better – I’ll show you how to do it all using mainly free software and resources. 

There’s also a section on data recovery and extracting data from a dead device. 

No longer will you need to depend on your partner, kids or friends to sort out your laptop, smartphone or tablet devices when they’re just not working properly. 

This short book is designed to empower those people who continually have computer issues, but always have to get someone else to sort them out. 

Laid out in a simple style, it should be easy for anyone to follow, whatever their skill level. In fact, when you’ve read it, you could soon be the one people are turning to when their devices aren’t working properly. 


“Just could not put this book down and had to run to my computer to change my anti-virus and firewall programs at 3 am in the morning Highly recommend!! Great Work by Jim Montgomery. WOW! I learned so much I had no idea about and the outcome is that I don’t have to ever worry about virus protection again. Thanks to this book, all my questions about Internet Security are no longer. It is important to get the information from someone who has done the research than from a store recommendation.”


“There are times when even the most savvy of internet users hits a brick wall and doesn’t know how to put right a problem with their laptop or tablet. You can always turn to the internet to help solve your issue but that can pose more problems than it solves. It’s not always easy to know who to trust out there. The guy who wrote this book obviously knows his stuff. His advice has worked well for me on several occasions so it’s a book I will be keeping handy.”


imagesJim Montgomery is a Digital Publisher, Writer, Educator and Product Creator who is continually seeking ways to help people cut through the smoke and mirrors of the complex online world. 

He worked for local government for around 15 years where he was involved in working with their early computer systems, security and investigative work through the 80’s to early 90’s. 

His interest in the online world began in the mid 90’s when he progressed to learning to build websites. he now concentrates on building websites for professionals who want to raise their profiles in various ways. 

Jim has always enjoyed showing people how to do things, and is now creating books and courses to share his years of accumulated knowledge. 

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